SAPA is committed to representing our members and building cohesive collaborations founded in dignity, respect and selfless service. Discrimination and disparities exist in healthcare for many reasons such as race, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, sex, disabilities, culture and educational backgrounds. Discrimination and disparities harm everyone – whether racism, sexism cultural or religious differences, etc. We vow to provide a forum for discussion and representation to promote diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). As such, SAPA is examining our strategic plan to ensure diversity, equity and inclusion is a fundamental principle informing all aspects of our plan. We want to make sure we are not stuck in old constructs as we “Grow SAPA into the Future”!

What is diversity, equity and inclusion? *AAPA provides the following definitions:

Diversity is about representation. It is the collective mixture of human beings and their individual identities co-existing within a specific space. These identities must be considered holistically to include race, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, sex, disabilities, culture, and educational backgrounds.

** SAPA augments the definition from AAPA by including professional background in the identitied we consider holistically.

Equity is about creating a space that promotes fairness for all regardless of their individual identities.

Inclusion is about creating a space where individuals feel they can bring their individual identities without judgment and can feel a sense of belonging and respect. Inclusion in the workplace provides opportunities for people of all identities to participate and have an impact in a meaningful way.

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As SAPA examines our strategic diversity plan and formalizes a DEI committee, you can find more information about DEI at the following links:

Do you want to volunteer to be part of the diversity, equity and inclusion committee with SAPA? Send an email to:

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