SAPA Newsletter - It's always about the people

5 Sep 2019 18:04 | Adhana McCarthy (Administrator)

Let me ask you to use your imagination: 

  • Imagine yourself in a room with the undivided attention of four O6 PAs to include the Consultant to the Army Surgeon General and his two deputies.  What would you ask?  
  • Imagine you had the undivided attention of both the SAPA Board and the AAPA representative for Military to discuss how hard it seems for you as a PA to get paid for the same work as an NP at a federal facility.  What would you say?    
  • Imagine meeting the PA who sacrificed his career to ensure that PAs went from being Warrant Officers to Commissioned Officers.  What could you learn about yourself?
  • Imagine learning about how the Battle of Mogadishu contributed to the development of TC3 protocols?   What insight would you glean to push medicine forward?
  • Imagine finally sitting down with your HRC representative or Component Consultant and having a real conversation, getting real feedback and making a solid career plan.  

You wouldn't have to imagine it if you were at SAPA last April.  That all happened. 

Next year will be even better.     

Everybody knows that the SAPA Course is the best bang for your buck.  Don't miss out on the opportunity because it's not in Hawaii.  It's never about the place, it's always about the people.     

Renewing your membership is a breeze at

Take a look at the SAPA updates from the last quarter.  Thank you for all that you do.  



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