SAPA Board of Directors 


Sharon Rosser, PA-C

As a leader and physician assistant, I am honored to have been elected to the SAPA Board of Directors as the President-Elect last year. Little did I know at that time what we would face as an organization, profession, and Nation in the Spring of 2020 – COVID-19 has changed our lives. As the SAPA President-Elect, I assumed the role of President earlier than normal and was honored to lead our organization through initial changes for upcoming annual meetings and also through the COVID-19 driven changes. I look forward to the opportunity to serve as the SAPA President for another term. My aim will be to provide continuity while continuing to ensure SAPA grows into the future.

I have enjouyed working with our Board of Directors and look forward to continued collaboration to ensure your voices, the members, are heard and continue to shape the future of the society. I will continue to support the society’s goals: to provide a forum for discussion, representation with the AAPA, and to provide high quality, low cost CME for members of our profession. Despite the cancellation of our 2020 conference, we have partnered with a conference planner for 2021 and I am excited to continue to build upon these changes. According to an article by Erik Jokinen on (Jan 2013), the seven traits of ideal board members are passion, experience, time, professional skills, attentiveness, toughness and collegiality. I have honed my professional skills and experience over the last 19 years as an active duty PA and nearly 31 years in the military. My passion and dedication to selfless service ensure that I will represent your best interests in order to shape what is best for the whole. Lastly, I enjoy tough issues while remaining respectful of others and truly aim to honor SAPA’s traditions while bringing about changes to ensure SAPA grows into the future.


Adhana McCarthy, PA-C

It is a great honor to have the opportunity to serve SAPA. I have 15 years on active duty, 10 as a PA. During that time, leadership and service have been in the center of my work. I am currently a Fellow in the Long Term Healthcare Education Training Program for Epidemiology. During my studies, I am always looking for ways that I can better serve our patients as well as our profession. I have had the opportunity to receive outstanding mentorship along the way and it has afforded me unique opportunities. I also learned well from my time on the board as Active Duty Director and Newsletter Editor. It is now my time to give back to the community that has supported me so well up to this point.

SAPA is the voice of the Army PA. Its history is rich; its membership is full of people of great character. It is an organization that we as PAs can and should support. SAPA can reach the goal of to providing outstanding CME opportunities to PAs for all constituents if we understand the needs of each cohort and provide something unique for them. I will continue to work on improving our systems, supporting our strategic vision, honoring our past and moving forward towards a bright future.


James Miller, PA-C

I have dutifully served as the SAPA treasurer for many years. My role has been to maintain organization's financial records within generally accepted standards of accounting principles and provide appropriate data to our accounting firm on a monthly basis. I have provided timely, accurate and truthful financial status reports and information to members of the board and the general membership.

I have also prepared financial reports annually to the Internal Revenue Service as required for not for profit organizations. My commitment to SAPA keeps the organization on track.

Director of Active Duty Component 

Adrian Donias, PA-C

I have been a Fellow of SAPA for 2 years and a Fellow of AAPA for 11 years. I have served in the U.S. Army for 17 years, first as a Combat Medic and now as an Orthopedic Physician Assistant. I am assigned to the 550th MCAS, Fort Bragg, NC as a Physician Assistant, but primarily work at the Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation at Womack Army Medical Center. When not performing patient care, I am the IPAP Phase 2 Program Director, responsible for the training of the Army’s future Physician Assistants. I have worked at every level as a PA, from a Battalion level PA assigned to Field Artillery, a Brigade PA assigned to a FIRES BDE, Role 2 with a MCAS, Role 3 with a CSH and Role 4 as an Orthopedic PA Fellow at SAMMC. My #1 passion when I joined was to provide the best medical care for our Servicemen and women. My second was to teach the medics, non-medics, and future Physician Assistants to do the same. It is a privilege to work with my SAPA brothers and sisters in our continued effort to better this great organization.

Director of Reserve Component

Larinda Ogawa, PA-C

I have been an Army Reserve PA since 2011, serving in roles from aviation medicine to clinical medicine. Currently, I am an Individual Mobilization Augmentee with the MEDDAC at Fort Jackson, SC.

Serving as a PA can be both demanding and exhilarating. In the world's greatest Army, we have so many opportunities in which we can take advantage. I have been fortunate in my career, and now facing my last few years of service, I would like the opportunity to give back to our great profession.

As physician assistants, we are our greatest advocates. We love our doctors, but WE are our greatest voice.

Director of National Guard

 Robyn Mason, PA-C

It has been a privilege to serve SAPA as the  Director of National Guard.  I have served over 16 years on active duty, as an enlisted member and as a PA.  The past 7 years have been served as an Active Guard Reserve working for the National Guard Bureau.  I am currently stationed at Ft Sam Houston, TX, and serve as the AMEDD Personnel Proponent Officer for the Army National Guard.  I also serve as the PA Consultant for the Army National Guard.  As an Army National Guard PA, I have been given the opportunity to develop, implement and assess goals, clinical practices, policies and procedures that align with the National Guard’s vision.  I believe the physician assistant is an ever increasingly expansive field and SAPA is a flexible and adaptive organization, recognizing today’s PAs must stay up-to date with healthcare's constantly changing environment.  My goal as SAPA’s Director of National Guard is to promote the strength and benefit of SAPA membership to all National Guard PAs.

Director of Retired Component

Todd Kielman, PA-C

I served in the United States Army for 25 years and retired at the rank of Major. 15 of those as an Army Physician Assistant. After a plethora of diverse assignments including multiple combat tours and Director of BCT3, I retired in 2015. Since then, I have worked in several distinct positions. Among these are Immigration Health with the Department of Homeland Security, Baylor College of Medicine, Urology and a franchise health clinic. Having recently made the transition from Military to Civilian life, successfully, I feel I am uniquely qualified to represent the Retired Army PAs to SAPA and SAPA to them.

The single biggest thing I miss about being in the Army, now that I have spent 5 years out of the Army, is the camaraderie and fellowship: the brother and sisterhood, the spirit of togetherness. While we all competed, we also all helped each other out. I recently had the opportunity to interview for a position in a city away from my home. While there, I found out one of the interviewers was a former Army PA. We had never met, and never even heard of each other, but because we shared this distinction, I was invited into his home for a home cooked dinner and he offered to help with anything I needed while I was in town. It was a good reminder of what it was like and what is missing in civilian life and civilian care. I’d like to be a part of changing that.

My goal is to assist Army PAs transitioning to civilian life.  We can continue to look out for each other with more than just words, once that transition is complete. I see many ways we can connect, communicate, stay up to date and assist each other.  I feel SAPA is the organization that will provide the best base to accomplish this, and where I can be most useful.

Director of Federally Employed PAs

Trish Lucas, PA-C

As a former USAF PA for 18 years, I have worked on the BOD for the Society of Air Force PAs. Now retired, I work for the Army and would like to be able to grow the SAPA membership with the younger generation.

As an instructor at IPAP, the students from all branches can be introduced to their service specific organization which represents them and fights their fights. I strive to be a conduit for all the services. My goal is to be able to share experiences from other services to help grow SAPA.

Director of Civilian Component 

Karen Reedy, PA-C

I have been a member of SAPA since 1996. I have never been in the military and when I first attended SAPA, it was as an Associate Member. I retired from the VA in 2010 to enter private practice, and is currently practicing Urgent Care in York, PA. I have attended every SAPA conference since 1996 except for 2 years. As a member over the years, I have seen significant changes in SAPA as an organization. The current trend of decreasing membership & attendance at the conference are quite concerning.

I realize that there are certainly circumstances that prevent many active duty PA's from attending the conference due to deployments. I believe that it is up to the Civilian, Federal Services, Affiliate, & Associate members to step up to the plate to help bolster the membership & participation in this great organization that supports & lobbies for our Army PA's.

I challenge every member to recruit 1 NEW MEMBER for SAPA.

“Talk up the refresher course, it's still the cheapest CME conference out there for the # of credits; combined with a recertification portion of those CME's, SAPA offers more bang for the buck than ever.”

I encourage SAPA members to come together and help this wonderful organization continue it's mission to support our active duty brothers & sisters.

House of Delegates (2 primary and can vote for all alternates)

Sharon Rosser (Primary)

Bob Potter (Primary)

Pauline Gross (Alternate)

Adhana McCarthy (Alternate)

Karen Reedy (Alternate)

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