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SAPA Board of Directors Officers and Committees

The Society of Army Physician Assistants has an elected Board of Directors. The offices of President Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, National Guard Director, Army Reserve Director, and Active Duty Director are elected by the membership annually. All but the President Elect serve one (1) year terms. The office of President Elect is elected annually but serves a three (3) year term: President Elect, President and Immediate Past President.

In addition, the offices of Executive Director and Membership Director are appointed annually by the elected Board of Directors and serve at their discretion. The offices of Newsletter Editor, and Refresher Course Staff are appointed positions and serve at the discretion of the Board. The Term of office runs from July 1st to June 30th. The current officers and committee staffs are listed below. Please contact any of the SAPA officers as needed.


Executive Director

Orie R. (Bob) Potter, PA-C
P.O. Box 623
Monmouth, IL 61462


Scott Fisher, PA-C
Travis Jacobs, PA-C
Immediate Past President
Donald Black, PA-C
Karen McMillan Holman, PA-C
James L. Miller, PA-C

Active Duty Director
Chad Merfield, PA-C

Reserve Component Director
COL William Thompson, PA-C
National Guard Director
Jamie P. Rigoni, PA-C
Retired Component Director
Frank Piper, Jr. PA-C

SAPA Journal Editor
Chad Merfield, PA-C>

Membership Director

Jamie P. Rigoni, PA-C

SAPA Journal Academy Liaison
Pauline Gross, PA-C, MPH

Michael Champion, PA-C


Scholarships / Awards

Marni Barnes, PA-C (Chair)
Sharron Rosser, PA-C
Amelia Duran- Stanton PA-C

Donald Black, SP, PA-C
(POC for CPT Sean P. Grimes
Physician Assistant Educational
Scholarship Award)

Minority Affairs
Karen McMillan, PA-C

Public Education
Harold E. Slusher, PA-C

Professional Wellness
Michael Champion, PA-C
Legislative Affairs
Harold E. Slusher, PA-C

AAPA Delegates
Scott Fisher, PA-C
Bob Potter, PA-C
Pauline Gross, PA-C

Alternate Delegates
Amelia Duran-Stanton
Frank Piper, Jr. PA-C
Adhana McCarthy
Sharron Rosser

Refresher Course

Refresher Coordinator

Orie R. (Bob) Potter, PA-C
P.O. Box 623
Monmouth, IL 61462
Assistant Refresher Coordinator
Patrick E. Malone, PA-C

Assistant Refresher Coordinator

Judy Potter

Moderators / Audiovisual

Communications / Electronics
Dave Hamilton, PA-C
Orie R. (Bob) Potter, PA-C

Decorum and Morale
Nicole Potter

Sales and Marketing
Bob Egbert, PA-C, 
Tom Matherly, PA-C,

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